Mindful Gardening Workshops

As part of a new urban garden developed by PrinzessinnengartenBau at the Urania in Berlin, I recently offered a workshop in Mindful Gardening. For two hours some 20 participants meditated and mindfully cared for the garden while practicing such mental attitudes as non-judging, beginner’s mind, non-striving and, gratitude and patience. We spent about two hours together, much of the time in silence. We practiced returning our attention to our own body and connecting with the plants and animals in the garden. We felt welcomed by Mother Nature and generously supported by her solidity. Some participants expressed surprise and gratitude for the strong sense of community and bonding that is possible among a group of strangers after only a short practice session. On behalf of the Urania and all workshop participants I would like to say “Thank You” for making this workshop such a moving experience.

I will lead another mindful gardening workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 2PM im Parkplatzgarten am Gropius Bau. More details and the location are available here. The workshop will be conducted in German. Participation is free and everyone is welcome. No meditation experience is necessary.

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