The Way Out is In

We say we want to live in a world of peace, kindness, love and sustainability. Gandhi reminds us to “be the change we want to see,” and his words intuitively make sense. But how can we be peace, kindness, love and sustainability? In my experience it helps to periodically withdraw from the noise of our technological civilization and to observe in quiet meditation my inner tension, anger, fear and lack of peace.

When I have gotten in touch with my inner state of being, I have reason to celebrate, even if I have observed a lot of pain. In meditation, I can hold and transform anger, sadness and fear without distracting myself with unneccessary and often unsustainable consumption, work or scheming. I can just be with the pain and know that it is not mine alone but that it has been transmitted to me for many generations. Gradually I become less afraid to touch my pain and thereby transform it, heal it. It can feel like a true liberation, a liberation to finally give myself the love and care I deserve and to love others as if for the first time.

You say you long to step into a world of peace, kindness, love and sustainability? The way out is in.

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